Mekdar mission is to apply diet in a more practical and effective way, to help people live healthier lives. with the body Analysis Report shows normal body Weight ranges, Fat mass and Daily Caloric needs

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"Mekdar" mobile application & Web platform.

Mekdar Diet App is now equipped with all the tools you need to easily follow a special diet designed for you. Visit your doctor on your mobile device, “Mekdar”.com provides all the tools you need to reach the perfect body you desire. Our mission is to develop easy handy tools that make lifestyle more enjoyable.

Mekdar provides 4 innovative features to apply diet in a more practical way:

Food Scan:

“Mekdar 3D Measuring Tool” is an augmented-reality tool designed to help in identifying the quantity of food, eliminating the need to know the exact calories or weight of food.

Personalized Weekly Diet plan:

Using data from real “Mekdar” Users and Nutritional Databases, we make the diet experience especially relevant to your preferences, conditions and goals.

Direct chat feature:

Round-the-clock continuous support from “Mekdar” Team, for any inquiry you might have.

Weekly Body Analysis Report:

Detailed Report showing your Weight and Fat mass, their normal ranges, Resting Metabolic Rate, Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage.

In addition to “Meet your Doctor” video call feature is also available (as needed and scheduled).

Making Diet easy with “Mekdar”


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