Travel and Hospitality


Hospitality modernization can be an open-ended journey to streamline process efficiency, improve business performance, and create new ways of serving your clients. Fully automated migration uses technology to convert legacy code and data to modern solutions, allowing hospitality organizations to tackle modernization initiatives that align with business objectives.

…“Our tech Development is a major part of the state's tourism industry, and this will allow us to make them even more attractive to in-state and out-of-state visitors.”

Mobile App Development

Streamline the customer experience by converging your resort’s services in a single app, from ordering concierge services to booking a golf course with one tap. A branded app will let your guests make the most of the recreational experience at your resort.

Loyalty and Reward System Solution

With ACMEUNIVESRE i-TECH impactful loyalty and reward solutions, it becomes easy to build emotional commitments by encouraging your clients to adopt particular behaviors and attitudes. It is equally essential for hospitality companies to hard-wire the pursuit of such commitment into their operations.

Big Data Services

Being an integral part of the digital journey, Big Data is a key to get and sustain competitive advantages for hospitality businesses. The real-time tracking of the guest journey from marketing, guest experience, business intelligence, and personalization enables improved inventory and workforce management, enhanced guest experience, increased marketing efficiency, and streamlined processes.

Custom Software Integration

ACMEUNIVERSE hotel management software integration with third-party systems for residential and commercial properties allows our clients to get robust solutions to take advantage of existing investments.

Custom Software Development Solutions

Set up intuitive, comprehensive custom software development solutions to get instant, spot-on feedback from your guests. See how guests react to newly implemented ideas and the work of your staff with actionable analytics.

Hotel Mobile Applications

Surpass your guests’ service expectations by providing a superior mobile experience. Use innovative hospitality software development for room booking, loyalty and personalization engines, amenity services, and smart capabilities.

Contactless Hospitality Services

Enable contactless hotel operations with ACMEUNIVERSE mobile solutions. Provide your customers with Intuitive, touchless technology and services.

Smart Room Service

Impress your clients with personalized IT hospitality solutions, including digital control of the room environment and sensors with an in-room tablet, offline and online operation, and preventive maintenance.